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Map of Gowganda Lake

Our lodge is located at the north-end of Gowganda Lake. Shaped like a Z, this lake has 36 miles of shoreline. The distance from the dam at the north end is only 5 miles from the waterfalls at the south end. The picturesque hamlet of Gowganda is located on the northeast tip of the lake. The rest of the lake is uninhabited. The average depth of the lake is 26ft. with its deepest hole over 150 feet, being just below the waterfalls. There are many 60ft. and 70ft. holes as well as many shoals, drop offs and sunken islands.

In the spring Walleye and Northern Pike can be found in the east branch of the Montreal River. Later on in the year the Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout are in the deeper water and around the heavily structured areas of the lake. In September, when the water temperature decreases, the Northern Pike and the Walleye move into shallower waters. Northern Pike Pike and Smallmouth Bass are very aggressive at this time of the year. Smallmouth Bass can be fished on this lake as early as ice off (we have no closed season on Bass or Pike). They go on biting until the very end of the season.

Max Depth: 152.7 feet
Average Depth: 29.6 feet deep
Shoreline: 36.4 miles (Not counting islands)
Elevation: 930 feet about sea level
Coordinates: 47°39'02"N - 080°47'07"W
Main Water Source: Montreal River
Max Spring Water Flow: 882.5 feet3 per second
Gamefish: Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout & Smallmouth Bass Printable Map of Gowganda Lake (Adobe .pdf) - Download .pdf Reader

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